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weather stations utilize 10-day weather forecasting


About Weather Services

Our Weather Services is delivered through our iLeaf platform which evolved from a necessity and requirement for modern day farming to incorporate older software and the availability of new technology allowing for complete seamless integration of raw weather data, weather predictions and incorporation of existing models.

GPRS technology and web-based software have made it possible to access real-time weather data and forecasting. Weather data is sent hourly to a central cloud server where it is processed in forecasting models and presented as recommendations in the form of web pages accessible through iLeaf.


Weather Stations and Software

Weather Stations

Our weather stations can measure temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction and solar radiation. All our weather stations communicate through GPRS technology. Weather data is sent hourly to a central cloud server where the data is thoroughly checked by our quality system as in the examples below:


Weather station installations are done by Hortec personnel.

Alternatively, weather stations can be installed by the client with the aid of a quick and easy to follow installation guide.

Hortec Weather Station Products and Network

137 iLeaf Weather Station

137 iLeaf Weather Station

137 iLeaf Temperature and Relative Humidity GPRS logger

137 iLeaf Temperature and Relative Humidity GPRS logger


Click here for the Weather Station Network Map


iLeaf allows for the use of modern technology and is a change from traditional systems. iLeaf is "web-based " software which means the weather station data can be accessed via the internet with a tablet, smart phone, computer etc. iLeaf includes integrated weather forecasts for all models and a 10 day detailed weather forecast (hourly and graphically). Weather forecasting is done on specific GPS coordinates of your weather station.

iLeaf weather forecasting is done by Giel Hugo, a leading South African meteorologist.

Models and Reports

available in iLeaf software

Models and reports available in iLeaf software are:

  • Hourly temperature (ave, min and max), rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, radiation, sunshine hours, relative humidity (RH) and leaf wet periods.
  • Various "reporting" options i.e. hourly, daily, weekly or monthly of selected sensors or all sensors
  • Cold Units:  Richardson and Infruitec cold units and Chill Portions
  • Heat Units and Growing Degree Days
  • Codling moth, Oriental fruit moth, potato tuber moth and Thrips day degree calculators
  • Venturia ineaqualis on apples and pears (Apple Scab)
  • Powdery mildew and Downy mildew infection pressure on grapes
  • Potato late blight
  • Fusarium head blight on grains
  • Frost Forecasting Model
  • Spray Conditions Model
  • Push Notifications (Extreme weather conditions - low and high temperatures) warnings via SMS and email
  • Evapotranspiration (FAO 56)
  • Integrated weather forecasts for all models
  • Access to PhytRisk (CRI webpage)
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